It’s finally summer time and time to celebrate! My priority here is keep you informed about how to have a great life, lots of love and endless fun- some of it even naughty! But this week a good friend of mine had someone in his family diagnosed with cancer. This comes on the heels of another good friend being diagnosed with lung cancer, my younger sister being diagnosed with breast cancer 3 years ago (which is what got me focused on nutrition and helping others be healthy).

I am so fortunate to have had my sister fully recover but there are many who are not so lucky. My wonderful colleague, Emily Cash recently lost  her father and both her grandfathers to cancer in the same year. That’s just not right.  BTW, Emily’s family has started their own charity dedicated to raising money for funding for progressive cancer research. Check out their mission at Did you know that estimates are that 2 of 3 Americans will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime? That’s unacceptable to me and I hope its unacceptable to you too. Want to protect yourself and your family? You can.

So here’s the scoop. Recently I found yet another article stating that breast cancer is being cured just with a particular vitamin. Harvard Medical School also claims this vitamin cures 77% of ALL other cancers.   Here is the link to the article.

I’ve done a lot of research on this topic (almost 2 years) and I am now pretty convinced that the power of this vitamin to heal cancer and other illnesses is legitimate. So what vitamin is it, you ask? Is it expensive? Exotic? New? Rare? Imported? Bizarre? Well, the answer to all of these questions is no, no, no, no, no, no and no. The vitamin that seems to provide this amazing ability to heal cancer is nothing more pedestrian than Vitamin D3. No fanfare. No marching band, no drum roll, no dazzling lights, no paparazzi. Nope. Nadda. Nothing. Just plane old, frumpy Vitamin D3 that’s been around for over a century. So how did we miss this until now? Well sometimes the best things are staring us in the face but we don’t see them because they are just well, so obvious. This recently happened to me but for something else. So look, we all potentially have a solution for wiping out breast cancer – just take Vitamin D3!  Trouble is, this seems so simple that no one believes it. At least not yet.

Do you even know where most Vitamin D3 comes from? Can you guess? Its from the lanolin oil in sheep’s wool! That’s right. Sheep’s wool! It makes total sense when you think about it because the process is the same for sheep as it is for us. Our skin gets irradiated from the sun, molecules then form Vitamin D3 and then this oil is absorbed through our skin so that it can strengthen our immune system and do a host of other great things for us! The process is the same with sheep but with them, the oil stays on their wool (instead of being absorbed into the skin like with us). Here’s an even cooler factoid. Did you know that one of the reasons that dogs lick themselves is to ingest the Vitamin D that is created on their fur from sunlight? What a riot eh? And hey I don’t make this stuff up! So just think – we could possibly wipe out cancer just be giving everyone Vitamin D3. Currently over 90% of all American’s are Vitamin D deficient and its worse in cities (where skyscrapers block the sun) and for the elderly who rarely get outside. Virtually everyone in the USA north of Atlanta is Vitamin D deficient because the sun isn’t strong enough for our bodies to make Vitamin D between September and May. Of course the good news is that now you have a legitimate reason to get your bathing suit on and get down to the nearest beach because when you get your D3 from the sun, its FREE!!

Other Foods help cure Cancer too!

OK, we’re on the home stretch here, but I want to leave you with a few final thoughts because, its not just Vitamin D that will help prevent or fight cancer, you need to watch everything you eat! So here are a few tips: Sugar FEEDS cancer so if you have been diagnosed with cancer, you should eliminate all sugars from your diet (including fruit). And, since cancer cannot exist in an oxygenated state, you need to eat foods that bring oxygen and antioxidants to your cells. These are foods that are alkaline and rich in antioxidants such as greens, green tea and algae. Algae is the most alkaline food in the world and fortunately you can buy it small tablet form (we call ours Bits) from our websites at or or and you can buy greens and green tea at whole foods or your local grocer.

And as a final suggestion, I would urge you to look at booking into any one of the many excellent alternative health care centers in the USA that are dedicated to helping people become healthier or to heal from cancer through nutrition and green diets. The best one I can recommend is The Hippocrates Health Institute in Palm Beach Florida.

So as you dance to your own beat this summer, I’d like to leave you with the thought that to BEAT cancer, just take away the letter B, and you are left with EAT. You already know that in the best of times you are what you eat, but in the worst of times don’t forget that it’s possible to BEAT cancer by what you EAT.

My love to all of you who may have cancer, have lived through cancer or know of anyone with cancer. In fact if you know anyone with cancer, PLEASE share this post and the linked article with them so they will know about the importance of Vitamin D3. You could save their life. Now that’s a gift worth giving!

With great affection,

Catharine Arnston


Lets drink to your health this year- but with water!

The new year is well on its way. But are your  new years resolutions? My resolution this year is one that I hope you all will join me in. Its to drink more water. Yup I am finally going to commit to drinking 8-12 glasses of pure water every day! And when you learn about how important water is to your health, skin, organs, vitality and energy I hope you will add 8-12 glasses to your daily diet too! So read on…… 😉

Our bodies are not just works of art - they are 60% water!

Did you know that your body is 60% water (brain and muscles are 75%, blood and lungs are 90%)?  Did you also know you need 8-12 glasses of water a day?  Sounds like a lot. But you need it. Lets do the math together. Each day you lose 6.3 cups of water from urine, 4 cups from breathing, sweating and bowel movements and 2-3 cups from digestion. That’s 12 cups  even before you factor in things like stress or exercise.  Sadly, most of us  don’t drink this amount of water and are walking around dehydrated but don’t know it. When you are dehydrated, you are easily fatigued and nothing works efficiently. In fact, without sufficient water, your body thinks it’s in danger, so like a squirrel hiding nuts before winter, it stores whatever water it can get its hands on, and hides it in the nooks and crannies between your cells. This shows up on the scales as weight gain or as swelling in your feet, legs and hands. But great news, when you finally give your body the water that it needs, all that stored water can be released and when it is, your energy increases too.

Water gives you the gift of health. Will you accept the gift?

Drinking 8-12 glasses of water a day is not only key to having more energy, its vital for great health. Period. And its easy to do. So why not? But if you’re still not convinced, consider what happens when you get dehydrated.  Without water, you’d be poisoned by your own waste products.  Whoa! That got your attention didn’t it? Sorry for the drama but its basically true.   During dehydration, the water surrounding your cells is reduced and what little is left become stagnant with toxins. As dehydration continues, since your body absolutely has to have water surrounding its cells, it pulls out the water from inside your cells. Yup, like a fugitive on the run, your body literally “steals” water where ever it can find it – from inside your cells, from inside your blood, your organs, and even your colon (and is a big contributor to being constipated). This continues until your cells lose all or most of their internal water, shrivel, malfunction and even become damaged. Of course, you  can stop this dehydration process any time simply by drinking more water. But most people have no idea they are dehydrated. In fact, even some health conditions could be corrected, just by drinking more. But who knew? Well, now you do.

You need to keep replenishing the water in your body - just like your goldfish bowl!

And here’s one final visual:. When you were a kid, you likely had a gold fish. Right? Remember what happened when you didn’t change the water in your fish tank and it got all murky? Your goldfish seemed depressed, was less active, stopped swimming or worse – died.  Poor thing.  But once you cleaned out the tank and replaced it with fresh water, little “Goldy” was likely back doing laps around the fish tank. Maybe even back flips like a character out of Dr. Seuss’s book “One Fish Two Fish  Red Fish Blue Fish”  Well, the cells in your body are just like little Goldy. They need a constant supply of fresh water and if they don’t get it, they slowly but surely shut down- just like your friend Goldy did. Without a daily supply of fresh water, the water around your cells also gets dirty, murky and toxic. Just like the water in your goldfish bowl did. Yuk. Who wants dirty goldfish water sloshing around inside them? Not me! Not Goldy. And not you either! So drink up. Drink often. And hopefully drink with our algae bits…which are the most nutritionally dense food in the world (according to the good folks at NASA, The United Nations, the World Bank and a whole host of other world authorities). Never heard of algae? Want to learn about it? We thought you’d never ask! Please come and visit us to learn and be amazed at what algae can do for your health. It’s just as awesome as water and go down together well too:) We have a few websites, so visit which ever one sounds best to you!,, or

With great affection

Catharine Arnston